Bpm108.com is an innovative online platform tailored for fitness and yoga instructors, providing them with dynamic tools to effortlessly curate personalized playlists for their classes. We host an intuitive playlist builder that empowers teachers to select specific themes, creating a unique and energizing musical backdrop for their classes. The seamless integration with Spotify allows these playlists to be effortlessly saved to the instructors' accounts for immediate access during classes. With our emphasis on user-friendly design, expansive theme options, and a commitment to enhancing the fitness and yoga experience, we stands as a resource for instructors seeking to elevate their classes with the perfect soundtrack.

Meet Jeff

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Hello there, I'm Jeff, the person behind bpm108.com.
For over 30 years, I've been navigating the tech landscape, working in everything from web development,video streaming, telephony and most recently AI. But beyond the tech jargon, I'm just a guy who's been sharing my love for yoga and fitness for more than a decade, teaching at places like Corepower Yoga and Hot 8 Yoga here in LA. My interest for incorporating music into mindfulness and fitness practices was inspired by yoga festivals like Wanderlust, where professional DJs skillfully set the tone for each class, guiding students to discover their breath and find moments of bliss. Fueled by this passion, I crafted an app on bpm108.com, dedicated to empowering instructors like you in curating playlists that elevate the yoga and fitness experience.
So here we are, with a Playlist Builder that I hope can add a touch of magic to your classes. It's a humble attempt to make the beauty of curated playlists accessible to all. Take a look around bpm108.com, and let's explore this space together—where technology, wellness, and the simplicity of good vibes converge.
P.S. I also DJ yoga and fitness classes via my other project SoundScape Yoga.